Alsindra Imperium

The emperor will be the downfall of not only the fae, but all civilizations in the world.

-Sereylle Taerneth, Queen of the Verdant Realm

The Alsindra Imperium, colloquially known as the Imperium, is a powerful empire that stretches from their home province of Hesperia to the forests of the Verdant Realm, and the mountains of the Carraig Confederacy.


The Imperium was officially established in 542 by the independent city-states of Virga, Ensis, and Sica, by the Cantamen, Belator, and Clepta families. Though they were able to unify politically they were unable join ideologically. Each family had their own priorities and opinions concerning social, economic, and foreign policy. It wasn’t until

Alsindra Imperium

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