House Cantamen

The Cantamens and the Imperium are now a former shadow thanks to the selfish ambition of Emperor Lues. His lust for power will be our empire’s downfall as he attempts to slay the Archduke of Nessus himself.

-Cato Livius, Imperium scholar

House Cantamen

Power through knowledge, knowledge through power.
Southern Hesperia
Lues Cantamen
Lucidia Cantamen (regent)
House Haine
Military Strength:
~5,000 mages
~15,000 constructs


Pre Imperium

The first Cantamens were said to be blessed by Animus, after he created the humans with Virtus and Astus. As a result, the Cantamens were able to sire a multitude of magically adept sorcerers, a rare sight in Agera. When the union of the three city-states resulted in the formation of the Alsindra Imperium, the parliament was formed, where the Cleptas and Belators dominated. Despite the powerful mages that the Cantamens possessed, they were not able to acquire enough gravitas to overcome their rivals and gain the title of Emperor. Eventually, the Belators were able to place the first emperor of the Imperium on the throne; Crucius I.

Desperate not to be utterly eclipsed by their rivals and eager to prove themselves, Patrocles and his wife Matris pleaded for help from the Priests of Medius. They appealed to the Priests sense of balance inherited from the Titan, and posed that a redistribution of power was needed in the Imperium. The Priests were convinced, and gave a blessing of fertility to the parents. Little did they know that this blessing would become a double-edged sword.

In 975, in an event simply known as The Sacrifice, Matris gave birth to Lues and Lucidia Cantamen. While both gifted sorcerers,
Arguably the most powerful sorcerer bred by the Cantamen’s was Lues Cantamen, also known as the Dark Lord. Lues’ combination of inhuman magical talent and unwavering ambition were monumental assets as he climbed the political and military ladders. He would later be known as the greatest emperor in the Imperium. Now one of the most powerful sorcerer houses in Agera. They control vast tracks of land, and manage the most prestigious mage college in Hesperia. They rose to be the third most prestigious noble family in the Alsindra Imperium.

The Cantamens along with the Belator and… Tbc

House Cantamen

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