Planes of Existence



The Planes of Existence along with the Gods were created during the Titan Wars from the bodies of the Titans.

The Material Plane and Its Echoes

The Transitive Planes

  • Ethereal
  • Astral
    The Ethereal and Astral Planes are mostly featureless planes that serve primarily as pathways to travel from one plane to another. The residual energy of all the Titans created these planes.

The Inner Planes

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
    The Elemental Chaos surrounds the Inner Planes which surrounds the Material Plane and its echoes, providing the raw elemental substance from which all worlds were made.

The Outer Planes

The Outlands is the plane between the Outer Planes, and acts a gateway to all the other Outer Planes.

The Positive and Negative Planes

These two planes enfold the rest of the cosmology, proving the raw forces of life and death that underlie the rest of the existence of the multiverse.

Planes of Existence

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